SATO: Multisensory ‘What does home feel like’ exhibition used modern art as a way to reach relevant audiences


To strengthen the image of the rental home provider SATO as a city living developer and an expert in living. The goal was also to experiment with a new kind of cooperation between SATO and its residents, and to profile SATO as a trusted and flexible partner.


The starting point was to find a new and unique way to communicate the themes that are important to SATO and to participate in discussions. SATO’s ‘What does home feel like’ marketing communications concept was taken further by making concrete things, feelings and senses that make home feel like home. The images that are connected to SATO were strengthened in the eyes of an audience that enjoys city living and appreciates quality.


‘What does home feel like’ exhibition was built in the residents’ common space in a SATO home Rionkatu 13. The room that is usually in the residents’ common use was transformed into a multi-sensory, modern art exhibition, curated by artists Tero Kuitunen and Rauha Mäkilä. SATO gave free hands to the artists in the project, and they approached the feeling of home courageously. The concept was linked to the event “City life in Jätkäsaari” that focused on modern city living.


Together with the artists, SATO succeeded in open-mindedly creating a modern concept that transformed a regular common living space into an installation that feels like home. The concept received interest from SATO’s residents and reached to audiences that are interested in city living. Over 700 visitors visited the exhibition during its 9 days of opening.


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