Brand design & development

Brands should position themselves not only against their competition, but as part of the society as a whole. We find the unique, futureproof and commercially valid position for our clients and help them to create a brand development roadmap to get there.

Reaching the target position requires understanding the audiences the brand has and building the brand experience to meet the audience’s needs. Not offering something for everyone but everything for someone. These audiences can include media, investors, decision makers or for example NGO’s.

Brand development projects often include crystallizing the brand core and brand strategy, building inspiring narratives and value propositions to communicate the core, and designing the experiences that reclaim these promises. Together with our clients we design new brand identities, lead cultural change, innovate new services and create compelling content.

The way we work

At Miltton we combine societal insights and expertise that touches your brand and its audiences. Be it deep insight on climate requirements, understanding of the political environment or riding the most current wave of social media phenomena. We believe that brands are best developed off the beaten track and that every action in the organization is building the brand experience. We have a good understanding about the world around us and we are experts in positive behavioral change encouraged through compelling stories and meaningful experiences.

Our services

  • Brand Audit
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand vision
  • Brand positioning
  • Purpose
  • Value Propositions
  • Brand Story
  • Values
  • Brand development roadmap
  • Brand Experience Design (Visual identity, Tonality, Brand design, Imagery, Image Concepts, Package Design, Spatial Design Concepts, Narrative Environments, Service Design & Innovation)
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Culture Development
  • Brand Concepts

Contact our brand experts

Emma Autio
Director, Brand