Issues management and crisis communica­tions

Embarrassing issues and painful crises never come as a surprise. The specific subjects may sometimes (and we challenge this view, too) be hard to predict, but all organizations face issues and crises. Those who are well-prepared may emerge from them with an intact (or even stronger) reputation.

We help you identify risks, prepare for issues management and crisis communication, and handle them rapidly and decisively. We have more crisis communications experts than smaller competitors have employees, and we are backed up by over 400 colleagues who give a solid background from EU-level or national politics to sustainability and current media and social media trends.

We help you every step of the way, from building a crisis-resilient strategy, writing concise crisis manuals and message templates, to training your team to handle any situation with empathy, clarity and calm confidence.


We bring all relevant areas of expertise into our issues and crisis advisory. We make sure your societal stakeholder relations, brand, employer reputation and customer trust are all safeguarded in handling issues and crises.


  • Crisis communication support
  • Crisis communication training
  • Crisis communication simulations
  • Crisis communication manuals

Contact our crisis communications experts

Pauliina Saares
Director, Issues management and crisis communications