Digital Business & Design

We combine design and technology to leverage your digital business to a whole new level.

True innovation happens when business, design and technology come together. This convergence can empower companies in unexpected ways and create tangible value for both the end customer and the brand itself. At Miltton, we combine these key areas to leverage your digital business to a whole new level.

Digital Strategy & Consulting

These days, a business strategy without a fundamental take on digitalization is outdated. Whether you’re thinking about business design, brand strategies or new concepts and products, digital thinking needs to be incorporated in the process. The ones who have pioneered this have a head start, while the others have to catch up. Our job is to help them.

Digital strategy is not just about user experience. It’s how the user experience becomes an integrated part of the whole customer experience and business success.

Brand Building & Storytelling

The best brands are unique and authentic, even imperfect. Humane, one might say.
Modern brands have to be brave, open and involved. Their values have to resonate with the audience and they need to be communicated well.

We want to create digital experiences to connect people and brands. Every company can have customers, but great companies have an eager audience. We want to be the ones to build the stages for them.

Digital Design & Service Design

Human-centered design and creative use of agile service design methods are the ways to create digital experiences that profoundly express the brand and serve the users.

Keys to success are empathy, creative use of data and technology, topped with top-quality visual design. Together, they form the basis for great user experience.

Tech Development & Innovations

Technology enables new ways of dialogue and interaction between brands and users. In fact, these days the first touchpoint with a brand is more and more often digital – be it a website, a mobile application or an immersive experience that transcends the norms.

By constantly looking for new innovations and solutions to help in this, we can take our clients ahead of the competition.


  • Digital strategies & concepts
  • Service design
  • Digital art direction and visual design
  • UX & UI design
  • Marketing performance & CX
  • Tech development
  • Websites & ecommerce
  • Content planning and production