Digital Business and Design

We combine deep customer insights with design and technology to leverage your digital business and marketing to a whole new level.

True innovation happens when insights related to business, design and technology are brought together. This convergence can empower companies in unexpected ways and create tangible value for both the end customer and the brand itself. At Miltton, we combine these key areas to leverage your digital business to a whole new level.

And it all starts with the end-user. When we understand what the user wants and how you can give it to them while furthering your own goals, we can utilize a variety of agile service design methods to create digital experiences that profoundly express what your brand stands for – while serving the needs of the users.

This human-centered approach builds a platform for all our work, whether it means consultancy on a strategic level or creating content for a website.

The way we work

We work integratedly with all of Miltton’s other expertise areas and always build a team that answers our client’s needs. With the vast resources and knowledge that Miltton offers, we can hand-pick the professionals needed, no matter the area of expertise they represent.


  • Digital strategies & concepts
  • Service design
  • Digital art direction and visual design
  • UX & UI design
  • Marketing performance & CX
  • Tech development
  • Websites & ecommerce
  • Content planning and production

Contact our digital business experts

Ulla Koho
Director, Digital business

Juha Salminen
Director, Digital business