Employee experience and communica­tions

We help our clients succeed in executing their strategies by helping them be better employers. Employers, who are recognized and appreciated by the right kind of people. We do this by designing, developing, and communicating an employee experience that works for the talent that the organization needs the most. We can help you with most of your talent challenges. Our services include for example employee insight research, employee experience design, culture development, leadership training, DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) strategy and development, hybrid work, internal communication, employer brand strategy, employer branding and recruitment marketing.

You need the right kind of employees – but do they need you? Employees as such do not offer a competitive advantage to an organization. Anyone can hire them, or talent like them. They can leave you on a moment’s notice or just stop being productive and innovative. But you can build a competitive advantage over your competition from your ability to attract, retain and engage employees. This requires you to continuously gather employee insight inside and outside the organization.

Based on that insight you build, maintain, and develop employee experience appreciated by the people your strategy needs the most. And then you need to communicate about the good and the bad parts of the employee experience to both current and potential employees. Employer branding is the same to your employee experience as product branding is to sugar water. No one will hear and get excited about the experience you offer unless you use communication and marketing to build awareness and specific brand images, both inside and outside of the company.

The way we work

As Miltton’s client your employee engagement, talent attraction and retention and customer experience targets will benefit from:

  • The learnings from our past few year’s 40+ different employee experience and employer branding projects – both big and small
  • Access to the advice of a seasoned talent expert assigned to your account
  • A dedicated project manager to make sure everything runs smoothly, and deadlines will be clear and lived up to
  • Working with a small core team that wants to spend time with you and on desktop research to understand your business and your needs
  • On a needs basis get advice and help from other 400+ consultants with various skills and expertise so that your challenges will not be fixed with only the tools that your core team has

Our services

Employee experience

  • Culture definition
  • Culture book
  • Employee experience design (EXD)
  • Employee journey mapping
  • Employee experience blueprint
  • Employee experience development roadmap
  • Change agent program
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy and development
  • Hybrid work strategy, development, and competencies

Employer Branding

  • Employer brand research
  • Employer brand target and KPI setting advisory
  • Employee personas
  • Story workshop
  • Employer value proposition (EVP) copywriting
  • Employer value proposition visual design
  • Employer branding handbook
  • Employer branding roadmap
  • Employer brand activation plan
  • Brand or recruitment marketing campaign
  • Content creation – hybrid events, videos, articles, podcasts, and infographics
  • Brand ambassador and thought leadership programs

Internal communication

  • Internal communications advisory
  • Internal communication strategy and communication plan
  • Content production
  • Outsourced internal communication’s expert from Miltton

Contact our employee experience experts

Ulla Helander
Director, Employee experience and communications