Global Affairs

We help our clients anticipate changes in global politics and economy.

What will happen to inflation? Is a new trade war likely? How will China’s crackdown on business influence Nordic companies? What are the major global risks? Black swans? Hidden opportunities?

Our products are:

  • Global risk analysis
  • Scenario planning
  • Multiclient policy reports
  • Alerts, reports, and briefings

The way we work

We have an international network of advisors that includes experts from inside and outside of Miltton. By combining internal and external insights we can shed light on issues ranging from the future of cryptocurrencies to the challenges facing the Chinese Communist Party. Our external advisors are internationally renowned experts.

Our services

Global Risk Analysis

We provide quarterly, monthly, or weekly analysis of global geopolitical, political, and economic risks both orally and in written format. We facilitate the discussions that follow our analysis.

Scenario Planning

We facilitate scenario planning projects for individual clients and for groups of companies. The aim is to enrich the decision-making process by introducing different, sometimes contradictory, future possibilities. Our method is based on the Shell Scenario Method. We always include a baseline scenario and an action plan.


We write policy reports that are based on the insights of our clients. The aim is to explain complex issues to policy makers in a clear and concise format.

Briefings and Alerts

We provide our clients with briefings and alerts on (1) issues that they have identified as being of particular interest to them, and on (2) weak signals or developments outside their normal area of interest that we think may have an impact on their business.

Contact our global affairs experts

Risto E.J. Penttilä
Managing Director, Nordic West Office
+358 50 366 2395

Juulia Olkkonen
COO, Nordic West Office