Leadership, Culture and Training

An organisation’s success depends on its ability to adapt and learn, as well as attract and keep the right talent

Business and work are changing faster by the day. Success depends on the ability to continuously adapt and learn, as well as attract and keep the right talent who have room to develop and perform efficiently. All this requires leadership, learning and cultures that support and drive renewal. It’s a lot to ask from any organisation, but with the right coaching or training you have a good chance of success. As a result, stronger internal motivation and self-direction can make work more meaningful and satisfying.

The way we work

We support leaders, leadership teams, supervisors, change agents and employees in sharpening their skills to inspire, engage and lead. From media training to manager coaching to crisis simulations, we base our pedagogical approaches on verified research. Instead of theoretical lectures, we deliver practice-oriented learnings with insights immediately applicable to daily work, always tailoring our service to fit the need of the client and project.

Our team

Our consultants, coaches and trainers have solid experience in leadership, collaboration, communication and media coaching and training, as well as presentation skills. We represent a wide range of backgrounds within business, academia, management, consulting, and journalism. To utilise our thorough understanding of our client’s business, we often also bring in our experts who have worked with the client in their other projects.

Leadership development

  • Tailored leadership or development programmes
  • Management team development processes

Group or individual training and coaching

  • Leadership
  • Self-leadership
  • Interpersonal and collaboration skills
  • Development for top talents

Communication training

  • Media training
  • Presentation training
  • Social media training
  • Crisis simulations
  • Strategic storytelling

Employee assessments

  • Workplace Big 5 personality and team profiles
  • Emotional intelligence profiles EQi
  • Resilience profiles
  • 360 assessments, quantitative and qualitative

Culture assessments and development programmes

  • Defining, implementing and communicating strategy, values, leadership principles
  • Transformation programmes related to organisational change
  • Ambassador programmes
  • Culture change
  • Customer and employee experience development

Open and multi-client programs

  • TUFF Coaching for managers (link to more info)
  • Miltton Compass – a leadership programme for leading all stakeholder relations (link to more info)
  • Winning Hearts & Minds in the US