Leadership development, training and coaching

Whenever you need to launch a new strategy, change your organization, or deliver an ambitious project, are you 100% confident that your organization will make this happen?

We support your leaders and managers in making sure they have the mindset and skills to lead people – and themselves – to realize ambitious strategies and overcome tough challenges. We also provide the skills to support people in developing and growing on the job and in new roles.

We do it with practical, hands-on exercises that give people the skills to

  • clearly and concretely communicate strategy, goals and ways of working
  • coach others in solving problems and effectively reaching their goals
  • give honest feedback on what is holding people back from succeeding in their work
  • lead themselves and others in managing time and energy to be sustainably productive

As a result, you get executives and managers who put their time and energy into the right leadership actions at the right moments. This gives you people and teams with growth mindsets, who work more independently, with better focus and motivation, and with bigger impact.

The way we work

We work seamlessly with all our colleagues at Miltton, so that strategy planning and communication, values, code of conduct, business needs, branding and marketing all support your strategy becoming reality.

Our services

  • Leadership development
  • Leadership training
  • Coaching
  • Coaching leadership
  • Self-leadership
  • Feedback skills

Contact our leadership development experts

Rina Sirén
Senior Leadership Coach and Advisor