Marketing and advertising

We work with our customers to create marketing and advertising that rises above the noise.

The role of marketing communications and advertising is to accelerate both growth and changes in attitudes and practices. That can only be achieved by being both noticeable and memorable. At Miltton, we help our customers create solutions that address business challenges and goals through multi-channel, multifaceted marketing.

For us, marketing is not just about tempting promises to redeem existing demand, but also about shaping demand. We grow our customers’ market share and agenda profile by combining our creative expertise with strong business, societal and cultural understanding. We always strive to find an echo base of interest to the customer’s goals by examining and interpreting the reality of target groups. By utilizing this unique understanding, we will be able to build a new kind of demand around the brand and its products or services, and marketing promises and new ideas that fit perfectly with renewed demand, independent of channels or means.

With this recipe, together with our customers, we have done marketing that creates discussion topics and big emotions, strengthens the brand and boosts sales.

The way we work

At Miltton, advertising is designed by a wide range of award-winning talent, whose cup of tea are viral phenomena, stories appealing to emotions as well as personified digital executions. Based on customers’ needs and objectives, we smoothly combine different competencies in the fields of influencing, politics, sustainability and creative planning.

With our extensive expertise, we are able to bring a broader perspective and stakeholder understanding to our customers’ marketing efforts. Our customers get their brand noticed in the everyday life and decision-making of diverse target groups.

Contact our marketing and advertising experts

Joni Räikkönen
Director, Marketing and advertising

Minttu Aarniovuori
Director, Marketing and advertising