Online & Offline Events

Meaningful encounters are ever more important in the digital era

Meaningful encounters are important, whether they take place virtually or IRL, in real life. The Corona epidemic has changed our understanding of effective interaction and being connected. As individuals are increasingly aware of how they use their time both online and offline, creating impactful and memorable events that bring people together can help brands and organisations stay relevant. All of this brings new possibilities and responsibilities for reaching out to different people – from media and influencers to employees, strategic partners, clients and activists.

The way we work

With our wide-ranging event production experience from brand launches to large networking events to breakfast seminars and trade fairs, we can execute impactful events for different industries and audiences, even completely virtually. We can take charge of the whole event from idea to execution, or help you with chosen parts of the process, such as creating keynote presentations or inviting the right audiences. We believe that for any organisation, bringing different groups to the same place is a way to break boundaries. This is one of the principles in our own networking events.

Our team

With a unique combination of expertise in communications, creativity, business, leadership and strategy, we can offer our clients a team that truly understands their world. By hand-picking our experts, we can always find the best communication competence for any project. With integrated teams, we can make sure that the overall picture in any client relationship is clear and cohesive.

Event Planning

  • Concepts and strategy
  • Planning of e.g. PR events, internal events, investor events, trade fair appearances
  • Experimental marketing

Online events

  • Virtual seminars, conferences, AGMs, launches, sales events, board meetings
  • Technical production, studio set-up
  • Miltton Contactless, a fully virtual event platform.
  • Streaming services and -events.

Event content

  • Event design and visuals
  • Corporate keynotes and storytelling
  • Presentations and strategic key messaging
  • Digital services and videos