Online and offline events

We are not an event agency that also does communication, but we are a communication agency that does events.

Why does this matter? Well, this way the event is a part of the larger communication strategy and can be used as a key part of communication strategy instead of just a standalone short-term solution. We are a full service event agency in the market and have experience from three decades. This ensures that regardless of your event, we make it happen whether it is a virtual, hybrid or live event. Our concept offers you a wide range of modern tools for digitalizing your stakeholder relations, staging a remote capital markets day, or holding a global virtual product launch – just to name a few examples.

The way we work

To fulfill our client’s needs we are participating in every step of the communication path and whether you want to communicate to your stakeholders in virtual or physical format, we got you covered.

Our way of working with events is not to consider the event as a standalone action but to thoroughly consider events as part of your larger communication strategy. As Miltton can offer a wide range of services from management consulting to production of the event, we make the communication line more impactful and easier by taking all the services under the same roof.

Our services

Event planning

  • Concepts and strategy
  • Planning of e.g. PR events, internal events, investor events, trade fair appearances
  • Experimental marketing

Online events

  • Virtual seminars, conferences, AGMs, launches, sales events, board meetings
  • Technical production, studio set-up
  • Miltton Contactless, a fully virtual event platform
  • Streaming services and events

Event content

  • Event design and visuals
  • Corporate keynotes and storytelling
  • Presentations and strategic key messaging
  • Digital services and videos


  • Event production
  • Event communications and PR
  • Live streaming
  • Event recordings and content
  • Miltton House as a venue

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