Public Affairs

We support our clients in building and maintaining ongoing relationships with key stakeholders in society

We support our clients in building working relationships with key stakeholders and decision-makers in society and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with them, in order to tackle challenges that we may face as businesses, organisations and societies. Public affairs are a combination of first-class insight and advice, inspiration and effective process management. We acquire thorough understanding of the position and the needs of our clients, and the potential risks and opportunities that may arise. We tailor cross-cutting combinations of insight and experience across our offices within the New Nordics as well as Brussels, to meet our clients’ specific needs.

The way we work

Miltton’s public affairs activities are transparent, innovative and integrated with customers’ overall communications, with a 360 approach. Building seamless cooperation and maintaining mutual trust between an advisor and a client is of key importance for us. We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest ethical standards as defined in our Code of Conduct. We respect legislation and confidentiality and insist on honesty in all communication. We pursue fair competition and respect competitors. We are 100% anti-bribery. And we demand responsibility also from our supply chain.

Our team

Miltton’s Public Affairs experts form a solid network of over 35 specialists based in Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and Brussels as well as in the USA. We have extensive knowledge and many years of experience across sectors and from different institutions, including parliaments, various ministries, political parties and EU institutions. We know both the official and unofficial decision-making processes from the municipal, state and EU levels. Our public affairs partners have a background as long-term trusted advisors serving, for instance, the Prime Minister of Finland and different Ministers and party leaders across the New Nordics.


Insight and analysis

  • Political risk and opportunity assessments
  • Background analyses
  • Stakeholder mappings and analyses

Operational support

  • Meeting programmes
  • Briefings
  • Stakeholder events
  • Societal platforms
  • Campaigns & influencing public opinion

Strategic planning and advisory

  • Monitoring & reporting
  • Continuous strategic advisory
  • Key messages
  • Public affairs plans

Competence building and inspiration

  • Coaching & training
  • Thought leadership & coalitions
  • Inspiration trips
  • Expert or inspiration addresses

Contact our experts

Anna Kero
COO, Miltton Networks