Strategic communica­tions

We support our clients in their strategy process, and in the part that comes after defining the direction: turning strategy into actions and communications that move the organization towards the desired position.

How to talk about your strategy in a way that is inspiring and clear? What are the perceptions associated with your organization and how can they be influenced? Does your brand support your strategy, and vice versa? And what about the people – how to build both a thriving company culture and a successful business?

We help our clients not only in facilitating the actual strategy process, but also in implementing the strategy into everyday life and actions of the organization. In practice this often means combining different communicational measures to achieve the desired outcome. Effective strategy communication is built by fusing the organizational culture, strategic focus areas and societal discussion in a creative way that tells a story people want to hear and follow. This story should look and feel different for each organization.


Our superpower is listening to our clients. Our advisors in strategic communications represent a multidisciplinary group of professionals who bring in expertise and perspectives from organizational culture, storytelling, investor communications, sustainability consulting, advertising, business anthropology and brand development. To name a few. A dedicated core team is always assembled for the client, according to the challenge at hand. In addition to the core team, we can include specific expertise and more people where needed from our more than 350 colleagues.

We also consult and support our clients in their development concerning new markets and branch expansions.


Crystallization and launch of a new strategy

  • Defining the organization’s purpose, vision and mission
  • Crystallization, visualization and implementation of values
  • Strategy narratives
  • Strategy images, roadmaps and other strategy visualizations
  • Strategy presentations and videos
  • Strategy launch events (live, hybrid, online)

Continuous strategy communications

  • Thought leadership programs, campaigns, individual publications and content series
  • Communication strategies and plans
  • Auditing and developing communications during the progress of a strategy period
  • Organizational culture development and communication
  • Internal communication

Change communications

  • Expanding business operations to a new market
  • Consulting and support for change communication situations
  • Planning and implementation of change communication internally and externally
  • Company acquisition communication

Continuous consulting and production assistance

  • Outsourced communication support
  • Text and content production
  • Graphic design
  • Video production

Contact our strategic communications experts

Ona Aula
Director, Strategy and change communications
+358 40 828 6697