Strategy consulting

We help organizations, teams and their leaders in finding a future-fit path forward and in building their capabilities to evolve into the best versions of themselves – so they can grow with purpose and play a meaningful role in the world and the lives of their stakeholders.

We live in transformational times. The complexity and unpredictability of the world demands new ways of thinking and doing. We find this relies on the following key components:

  • Purpose that tells why we exist in the world and how we create value for our stakeholders and to society at large.
  • Ambition or vision that defines what goals we are setting out to achieve. It tells about our passion that drives us to make an impact and includes goals that can be measured.
  • Values that connect our people around shared beliefs that turn into behaviors and guide our way of working internally and externally, and set the foundation for our culture.
  • Strategies that are inspiring and actionable, always driven by a clear ambition.

The way we work

We are a multi-disciplinary team with a purpose to help people and companies be the best they can be. We think big, aim high and deliver on the details. We bring together strong expertise from the whole Miltton platform to solve the issues at hand.

Strategic and Analytical – It is important for us to deliver on key business goals and make sure that the solutions we create deliver the desired impact.
Creative and Tangible – We make the invisible visible through hands-on ways of working to enable progress, foster discussions and to support decision making.
Collaborative & Iterative – From the start, we engage key stakeholders and drive an iterative process to ensure we make the intangible tangible – both on macro and micro levels.

Our services

  • Strategy creation and strategy process facilitation
  • Vision, Purpose and Values definition
  • Offering concept and new business model design
  • Strategy execution through strategic initiatives and communication
  • Customer experience & key account management
  • Company culture development

Our recent cases

  • Vision, Purpose & Values for a hospitality player in strategic transformation
  • Vision 2030 for a global manufacturing automation company
  • Strategy creation for an industry association
  • Strategy crystallization for a non-profit organization
  • Strategy for a global machinery
  • Strategy creation and MWB definition for an FMCG company
  • Concept creation and business case to for an urban developer’s new business area.
  • Strategic compass (Ambition, Purpose, Values and CVP) for a global biochemistry player
  • Values creation & launch for a global engineering company
  • Customer-driven offering structure and value proposition for a global power plant solution provider

Contact our strategy experts

Mika Rytkönen
Senior Advisor, Strategy