Urban Affairs

Develop insight to understand, and the craft to champion the new urban reality. Do better business by positioning yourself as a vital part of the evolving society.

Multiple, simultaneous global transformations like climate change, digitalization and segregation create combined impacts at accelerated speed. They are all amplified, opportunities as well as problems, in the urban landscape where their impacts are also mostly felt.

In order to succeed you need to vector in a growing number of factors, trends, data and requirements in your strategy, product development or market entry decisions. Miltton will help you to develop an effective and comprehensive approach to meeting your challenges.

Cities are the engines of innovation and have a great potential to fight the climate crisis, housing challenges, future of mobility and new energy models. By 2050 about 64% of the developing world and 86% of the developed world will be urbanized and cities will account for over 90% of all economic activity. Nearly all global population growth from 2017 to 2030 will be by cities, with about 1.1 billion new urbanites over the next 10 years.

We help our clients identify, address and act on the urban transformation. We help develop insight and capabilities to turn threats into opportunities, and to navigate the cities’ thinking and decision-making.

The way we work

We help to solve problems that occur in the urban landscape and due to its rapid development. Our insight is based on global outlook combined with local understanding. Our advisory is tailored to help clients with insight, understanding, inspiration and action. We provide analysis of opportunities and threats, assess risks and bring in expertise from throughout the Miltton services to address issues from a 360 degree perspective.

Miltton’s unique offering enables us to address urbanization from multiple perspectives, including customer insight, global insight, brand and decision-making.

Our services

Insight and analysis:

  • Global transformations and their combined effects
  • Risks and opportunities -analysis
  • Impacts of urbanization to business and development
  • Strategy Audit: Testing strategy against change scenarios
  • Urban Audit: What’s the company’s relationship with its city?


  • How cities work and make decisions
  • Continuous strategic advisory
  • Business development and strategy in a changing urban landscape
  • Thought leadership
  • Business ecosystem development and management

Operational support:

  • Competence building
  • Message and concept simulation
  • Business support

Contact our urban affairs experts

Sanna-Mari Jäntti
Director, Urban affairs