Video production and photography

Our passion is to help our clients bring their messages to life by combining video, photography and sound in an inspiring way.

Our production team consists of award-winning, highly skilled professionals and rising stars of the industry. We frequently tap into our wide network of freelancers to collaborate with renowned directors and other professionals.

We have a long and wide experience in producing commercial films, campaign videos, animation, documentaries, corporate videos and social media content. Animation and podcast series are also part of our daily work. Our post-production services cover editing, sound design, color grading, VFX and finalization.

The way we work

To serve our clients’ needs as impactfully as possible, we have created a strategic approach to video production. Our process combines the context of communication, brand presence and channel insight as integral parts of video planning. We do this in seamless cooperation with Miltton’s entire integrated expertise, and naturally together with our clients.

In our experience, careful planning always leads to the best results. However, our agile production enables us to react fast when needed. Our own filming and sound recording studios enable us a cost-efficient way to produce high quality content even in a tight schedule. We produce everything with a turnkey solution from planning to the final product.

Whether we’re making a big commercial film or an agile video production, we always deliver our best to provide an intriguing creative concept, flawless production and an impactful end product.

Our services


  • Commercial ad films
  • Brand films
  • Campaign films

Corporate videos

  • Corporate story
  • Case videos
  • Testimonials

Animation and VFX

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Motion graphics
  • VFX

Agile video production

  • Social media videos
  • Tiktok videos
  • Product shoots


  • Brand photography
  • Product photography
  • Portrait shoots
  • Event photography

Sound only

  • Podcast production
  • Sonic branding

Video consultancy

  • Video strategy
  • Content formatting
  • Video trainings

Contact our video production and photography experts

Mikko Laine
Director, video production and photography