SKOL: Attraction Campaign


How do we reach young people aged 15–20 who are thinking about their dreams and postgraduate studies in Finland? How can we enthusiastically increase the awareness of studies in the field of Design and Consulting?


According to the Youth Barometer (2019), 88% of young people consider that work should be aligned with their own values. Work life is now being disrupted by digitalization and artificial intelligence, but also by the boundaries set by climate change. SKOL ry’s experts are significant change makers. They are needed to address the vicious sustainability challenges of societies and cities as well as to create a better everyday life. Nonetheless, a limited perspective on the Design and Consulting industry may prevent from applying to the studies. Under the spring joint search, we assisted young people discover where all the expertise in the field can make a concrete impact on and what kind of role could possibly suit them.


During the joint search, a test was targeted at young people. The test was used to find out what kind of design and consulting work would be aligned with their own values and interests. The questions considered, for example, what kind of sustainable development objectives could be resolved in different professions. As a result, the respondent received a profile, for example, ‘ambassador of creativity’ or ‘sustainable city ace’, as well as additional information about the study options that matched with the profile.​

Young people were reached in digital channels through performance marketing by testing and optimizing different content, targeting and channel emphasis. The visual look brought out the young people working in the industry and the things to do in the industry. However, the illustration consciously aimed to avoid the masculine features that are often associated with the industry.


During the campaign, the site was visited by 2920 people, of whom 2300 completed the test. Client’s expectations were exceeded.

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Miikka Huhta
Employee experience and communications