Flow, Fix & Flourish – sustainability communications for Finnish Design Shop

Finnish Design Shop’s sustainability strategy focuses on circular economy, carbon neutrality, enabling sustainable choices and advancing an inclusive design community.


Finnish Design Shop wanted to launch their sustainability strategy and communicate it to their customers, staff and partners.

We were tasked with launching the strategy and making it look and feel interesting. This meant crystallising key focus areas of Finnish Design Shop’s sustainability strategy, writing out their sustainability story and defining a concept for communicating it.


It’s important to make sustainability work look and feel approachable, attractive, and accessible as well as define what are the most important themes for the company to work on. Only afterwards can a wider cultural shift be possible.


During the collaboration, three key components of the story and concept were defined. Three Fs spell out Finnish Design Shop’s focus areas in their sustainability work. Flow stands for working towards carbon neutrality and setting good design in motion by means of logistics and circular economy. Fix signifies charting the course towards more sustainable choices through a carefully curated sustainable product selection, and Flourish means advancing an inclusive and more sustainable community with all friends of design.

The visual expression is a smooth extension of Finnish Design Shop’s existing brand identity, and is based on the natural elements of water, land and air underlining the planetary scope of our actions.


Communications – including planning the concept, creating the sustainability story and visual design – were executed in a way that was elegant and uplifting, aligning seamlessly with the spirit of Finnish Design Shop’s brand.

Putting Finnish Design Shop’s sustainability work into words and imagery is only the beginning – an important overture for the whole design industry. The practical work naturally continues.


Set design Tuomas Nortema
Styling Studio Plenty
Photography Timo Pyykkö


For more information, please contact

Mikko Hakkarainen
Executive Creative Director