A time for changemakers and print magazines

Each year during spring, we have invited our friends, partners, possible future customers and employees, and all those interested in Miltton to visit us at our Helsinki office and learn what we have been up to. This year that was unfortunately impossible.

As the coronavirus has forced us to place some distance between us, we have learned how important we truly are to each other. Our offices may be empty, but our broadbands are working overtime. Change is in the making. And hopefully so is a proper get-together in the near future. But since we are unable to host a live event just yet, we decided to start with a printed publication.

With this magazine, we bring together and shed light on changemakers, on people and phenomena from different societal, professional, and business contexts. We hope you’ll take a break from the screen and embark on a journey around the new Nordics and beyond, together with our people, customers, partners, and friends – you might even find yourself within these pages.

Our purpose is to empower changemakers.

Secure your copy of the printed Changemaker magazine by providing a suitable delivery address at www.milttonevents.com or read the Changemaker magazine in PDF format >>

And while you are at it, find out about upcoming Changemakers’ Afterworks and sign up. We’d be delighted to have you.