VTT – What an amazing time to be alive


VTT is a research and innovation organisation that tackles global challenges and turns them into opportunities for sustainable growth. These solutions are, as stated by VTT’s brand promise, beyond the obvious. They require complex interdisciplinary research combined with an understanding of the non-linear nature of scientific progress. It was this context, in which the objective was to bring VTT’s brand promise to life in a way that is relevant, not only to scientists, but to all of us.


The future can feel a bit scary at times. Life seems to take place against a backdrop of emerging catastrophes. Could VTT’s beyond-the-obvious research agenda help us to deal with anxieties over topics such as the climate, health, or safety, turning fear and apathy into optimism and action? It seemed that VTT’s own scientists were much more optimistic about global issues than the rest of us – because they were taking action to solve them. Perhaps the focal point of future solutions wasn’t the future at all, but today.


Understanding VTT’s work means understanding that we are living pivotal moments every second, that future-shaping scientific work and breakthroughs are happening as we speak. Miracles begin on ordinary Mondays, and wonders on Wednesdays. Don’t be fooled by the everyday: see beyond the obvious. What an amazing time to be alive.

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Timo Linniemi
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