Wax Fluorine-free – Event marketing


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden – Vasaloppet 2020


Fluorine has many desirable properties and is found in everything from water repellent clothing, makeup, furniture – to ski wax. Unfortunately, high-fluorinated substances (PFAS) also have many harmful properties: They decompose extremely slowly and poison both water and air and food. They are stored in the blood, liver, kidneys, and some of the substances are carcinogenic and also damaging to both reproduction and our immune system.

From the winter season 2020-2021, introduce the International Ski Federation (FIS) a ban on fluoride in all ski disciplines. RISE together with other players in ski sports, need to spread information quickly and widely.


The consumer strives for the short-term positive effects of fluorine.


Big lack of knowledge regarding the serious effects of fluorine.


RISE is present and active where the target group is: a 12 sqm booth during Vasaloppet 2020 with educational communication. Where we focus mainly on ski walls.


Insight through experience – communicating serious information in a personal and educational way.


Work in progress.

For more information, please contact:

Billy McCormac
Managing Director
+46 70 291 9412