The builders of sustainable business – we expanded our sustainability expertise to solve topical business problems

Sustainability work and promises can no longer be separated from companies’ strategy and operations. To respond to this, Miltton has expanded its sustainability expertise and now employs experts in areas of management, sustainable strategy and business, as well as environment and regulation.

Miltton seeks to address the new challenges of its clients and the opportunities they create by expanding its sustainability expertise with new recruits. Miltton’s new sustainability experts are Terhi Koipijärvi, Jonas Palmén, Tiina Piilo and Eeva Taimisto.

Terhi moved to Miltton from Metsähallitus, where she worked as Director of Communications, Sustainability and Strategy. In addition to her extensive understanding of the forestry industry, she brings our clients a strong expertise in incorporating sustainability to the heart of their business strategy.

Jonas will return to Miltton on 2 January 2023. He brings with him strong expertise on the implications of EU regulation, such as the application of taxonomy, sustainable financing and combining accountability and economic impacts.

Tiina’s long experience in practical sustainability work and its development as well as sustainability reporting reinforces our expertise in reporting issues. On top of that, her understanding of the food sector and issues such as the future of food is extensive.

Eeva, meanwhile, will join Miltton in February from Stora Enso, where she has worked as Head of Sustainability Communications and Head of Communications for the Packaging Solutions division. She brings valuable executive-team level expertise in combining sustainability and communication in the context of a globally operated listed company. Eeva will be responsible for Miltton’s sustainability business and the development of related services.

Sustainability issues continue to emerge more and more strongly in the activities of various organizations. Our team of experts, reinforced by Terhi, Jonas, Tiina and Eeva, has a diverse international experience in demanding sustainability projects, combining activities such as business development, internal and external communications and crisis communications, and will provide a whole new dimension to Miltton’s advisory services.

Organizations and companies are also in very different situations when it comes to sustainability. For some of them it is about putting the basics in order, some want to make significant contributions to stand out from competitors and for some the whole business is based on building a more sustainable world. All players should be able to build a more sustainable business in the future, report understandably and in accordance with changing regulatory requirements, and communicate their actions to various stakeholders. All of these areas are Miltton’s core competencies.

“A lot is now happening in the field of corporate responsibility, and companies should be prepared to meet the demands of regulation as well as answer to the growing expectations of stakeholders. We bring solid expertise and rapid assistance to these challenges. Miltton’s sustainability expertise is starting to be top-level, and I am excited to lead this growing business area,” says Eeva Taimisto.

Sustainability expertise combined with Miltton’s entire offering creates interesting new opportunities

Sustainability expertise is a core theme throughout Miltton’s service offering, and taking it to a whole new level will benefit all our customers. Sustainability themes are also global per se, and in addition to new advisors with international experience, Miltton also has sustainability experts in the Baltics, Brussels and Stockholm.

In companies and organizations, there is a need to continuously review sustainability from the perspective of all key stakeholders, including customers, policymakers, media, investors, employees and society at large. Miltton’s strength as a company lies in a diverse range of expertise in these different areas.

When new sustainability expertise is combined with, say, creative marketing communications, public affairs, digital expertise or all of these, completely new solutions emerge. The sustainability expertise at the center of business adds significant value to, for example, our clients’ strategy processes and the development of business models or the planning and execution of M&As.

“Sustainability and related competence are the decisive factors in many of our clients’ most difficult problems and interesting opportunities, and therefore cannot be designed or done in silos. We want to have the best sustainability skills possible, and at the same time this competence must be strongly present in all our advice. I am very proud that with our new colleagues we can better help our customers succeed,” says Antti Salomaa, Country lead, Miltton Finland.

Further tightening of EU regulation will also require more accurate sustainability reporting and development from all companies operating in the EU. At the same time, investors and other stakeholders are demanding more and more tangible sustainability contributions from organizations. Consumers, on the other hand, react more sensitively to perceived liability communications, such as greenwashing, all the time. In the future, our goal is to expand the already very high level of sustainability reporting competence in Finland to other markets, and to increase our understanding of how our client companies can create new value and competitiveness in global markets through good sustainability work.

Miltton’s entire team of sustainability experts is available to advise all our clients and projects. Pictured from top left Eeva Taimisto, Matti Pousi, Hanna Ritari, Ilona Koivulehto, Jonas Palmén and Sara Kansi. Middle row from left Pauliina Saares, Tiina Piilo, Terhi Koipijärvi, Tiina Lehti and Veera Miettinen. Front left Heidi Kalmari, Krista Sormunen and Ella Klar. Missing from the photo: Ella Ahmas, Rita Azar, Sofia Donner and Marianna Pouta.

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Antti Salomaa
Country lead, Miltton Finland