COP28 – Action over words

Showcasing Finland and Finnish companies as pioneers of climate solutions

In 2023, Finland hosted their own COP pavilion for the first time in history. Miltton worked together with the Finland pavilion steering group on the pavilion brand, narrative, communications and the physical presence at COP28. 

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Client: Finland Pavilion Steering Group (Business Finland, EK, Chamber of Commerce in Finland and Climate Leadership Coalition)


Executive summary

The UN Climate Change Conference COP28 was held from November 30th to December 13th 2023 in Dubai. About 97,000 visitors took part. Miltton worked with the Finland Pavilion Steering Group in organizing Finland’s very first pavilion at COP28. About 25 companies from Finland were partners of the pavilion. In addition to work done with the steering group, Miltton worked with many partners on their stakeholder relations, event planning and communications.  


While it was the first time Finland had its own pavilion at COP, still the biggest challenge was the many stakeholders involved. Miltton worked together with the Finland pavilion steering group consisting of 4 organizations and 3 ministries, in addition to which the pavilion hosted 25 different organizations. Finding a shared brand and tone of voice for such different organizations was an interesting challenge.   

Insight highlights

  1. We are a people of few words. What we lack in small talk, we make up with our sisu. We keep going when the going gets tough. ​ 

  2. It’s time to act. Our planet needs accelerated solutions and those, who lead by example. Finland is proud to stand in the forefront of green transition.

  3. Finland punches above its weight in climate solutions. We are a country where ambitious targets meet effective climate policy, powered by innovations, determined people, and heavy investments.  

Creative solution

We don’t say much but when we do, we make it count. Reaching out to the rest of the world from the North, Finnish perseverance seeks innovation everywhere. We are a people of few words: our solutions do the talking. The concept Action over words was born.  


We came up with the Action over words concept, adopted by all organizations. We wrote a narrative and more detailed proof points on How Finland is leading the way in Green transition. These helped all stakeholders in planning their own communications for COP28. We made a communication plan and worked on materials for the website, social media and media relations. Miltton was also present at COP28 to ensure everything runs smoothly communications-wise and to support both the steering group and partner organizations. 


All 25 companies got on board with the concept. Many people, including our Prime minister Petteri Orpo, mentioned the concept in their speeches, while panelists in diverse discussions referred to what was said on the walls of the pavilion. The concept got a lot of positive attention also outside the event, on social and traditional media. Miltton ended up supporting different Pavilion partner organizations in their own participation, from stakeholder relations, event planning and hosting to communications.   

Miltton’s input

  • Brand and narrative
  • Communications
  • Pavilion physical presence

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