WWF: A World Without Beer


Make people aware of the threats towards European waters and drive them to act in the public consultation to create a stronger EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).


WWF and other environmental advocate groups have been talking about the dangers facing Europe’s rivers, lakes and wetlands for years without getting proper attention. It was time to hit where it hurts and talk about something that depends on water and that many Europeans hold dear: beer.


We framed a tongue-in-cheek doomsday scenario of a world, where beer would have become a scarcity. The campaign video was shot from a first-person perspective, and the viewer is directly subjected to the campaign message, delivered by a helpful bartender. Future of beer is presented throughout the materials in three forms: dry beer, dirt beer and luxury beer.

Use under a minute of your precious time and tell EU to protect our waters at https://www.livingrivers.eu/

#ProtectWater #ProtectBeer


Please contact Mikko Hakkarainen for more information:

+358 40 748 8641