Reporting and annual communica­tions

Miltton’s annual report expertise is second to none. As a corporate communications partner, we smoothly navigate in different industries and understand the requirements of reporting. We work with over 100 companies and associations in their annual reporting and annual communications each year.

We conduct over 70 annual reporting and sustainability projects in Finland and nearly 20 more in Sweden with our clients each year. Our clients include the largest international and listed companies in Finland as well as other companies and organizations of various sizes. As a corporate communications partner, we smoothly navigate in different industries and understand the requirements of reporting.

Our customers are very satisfied with our reporting expertise and half of our reporting clients have been working with us for over 5 years.

“Working with the team is flexible and quick – the best partner I’ve had when it comes to reporting”

Miltton has the annual reporting expertise of over 20 years. Each year, more than 100 milttonees work with reports in Finland and Sweden. We are able to provide all annual and sustainability reporting services made by milttonees. We can spar and consult new companies to get them started with their reporting, together design a structure aimed at a specific target audience, conceptualize a visually dashy report and produce some of the content, if needed. We deem it vital to constantly monitor changes in regulation and legislation.

We annually study our customers’ satisfaction on collaborating with us and received a rating of 9.1 (on a scale of 1 to 10) in project management skills from our 2020 Annual Reporting clients in the customer satisfaction survey.

“I appreciate the attitude and professionalism of the Milttonees. Miltton has the ability to adapt quickly to our needs – to the project as a whole or in small areas. During projects, you can rely on adherence to agreed issues.”

The way we work

An annual report is an important part of a company’s communication, but as a process it can seem heavy or time-consuming. We are happy to help tackle the challenges of the project and strive to make the cooperation meaningful. It is an honor for us to tailor all reporting projects according to the customer’s needs and help with every possible challenge of the project.

“Working with Miltton is nice and easy. The passionate team, the stylish visual design, and the wishes and needs of the customer are taken into consideration so very well.”

The project is often where the client gets their first contact with Miltton. We work seamlessly with other teams — can the look of annual reporting be inspired by a revamped brand and visuals? Can the report help discover that additional elements are needed for corporate responsibility communication or that you may need to better understand society or decision-makers?

Contact our reporting and annual communications experts

Camilla Linniemi
Director, reporting and annual communications